With the developing world, especially young minds are struggling to produce a product of their own, to market it and to survive in the competitive market. They want to protect the product they find and profit from it. In our previous article, we talked about the relationship between invention and patents. Today we will tell you about the concepts of patent and entrepreneurship and their relationship with each other.

What is Patent Concept?

Patent is the right of the inventor to be able to produce, use or sell his product for a certain time. This document, which shows that you have the right, is called a patent.

When we examine the recent times in our country, there is a visible increase in patent applications. Especially today, the patents applied by young entrepreneurs provide them with many advantages such as attracting investors to their companies, finding angel investors and opening to the market.

If you are one of the companies that have invested in R&D, you gain the chance to gain the return of your investment and gain a competitive advantage in the market thanks to registrations. Thus, while creating serious and alternative income doors for your company and yourself, you can also establish the basic business model.

What is the Importance of Patents?

As you know, we are in the age of science and technology. One of the most important scientific resources in technology is registration. In our country, many valuable and important scientific studies, which are made during the undergraduate, graduate and doctorate period and are not protected by patents, are waiting for them to be found in the archives of universities. However, registration files are a resource that entrepreneurs or researchers can easily access as a technical resource on the internet. Did you know that almost 1.5 million patent files are published each year? This means that more than 80% of worldwide technical information comes from these files.

However, patents explicitly give full details of an invention or invention. What are these? Such as chemical structures, drawings, explanations, schemas and genetic chains… In this way, researchers contribute to the development of industry and science by improving themselves more. Developing science and technology and encouraging researchers to these are one of the main goals of the patent concept. For this purpose, patents (monopoly right) are awarded to inventors, namely inventors. In fact, the concept of registration is for the benefit of society. The monopoly right is granted for a limited time and is eventually included in the public repository and innovations are not hidden.

What is the main purpose of registration? The aim is to encourage entrepreneurs to make new discoveries and thus increase the welfare of the society.

How can I apply?

Do you want to be a registered owner? Don't you know what the documents are? We have explained to you the concept of utility model before. In this article, we have mentioned a clear definition of the concept of patent. Utility model or patent, whichever you apply, the documents to be prepared are the same. What are these, let's see together...

• Description

• Prompts

•    Summary

• Inventive drawing

•    Summary

Entrepreneurs, let's start somewhere and protect your invention, the product you found. After preparing your documents, the process continues as follows. First of all, you should not forget that the application is made to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.

You can apply online,

As a form of application, it is examined between 1-3 days,

If a deficiency is detected, the completion time is given for 3 months,

Formal deficiencies are completed during this period,

The appropriate form is written,

A research report is prepared within 15 months from the application date,

Research report is requested,

System preference is made (with or without examination),

If you choose the system without examination, you will receive a patent certificate without examination,

If your preference is to be examined, a request is made on this subject,

If the result is positive, a patent certificate with examination is obtained,

You must pay a renewal fee every year from the date of your application. Do not forget this,

Finally, the Patent document is published.

What are the Concepts of Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship?

These are two concepts that have kept the agenda busy in recent years; entrepreneur and entrepreneurship concepts. Entrepreneur is the name given to the person who manages to bring together the elements of production in order to produce services or goods under conditions where they will earn the most profit. Such people do not hesitate to take risks and do not have any trouble in realizing the business project. However, they produce economic and profitable values. With this product, they provide job opportunities for others.

By encouraging entrepreneurs through registration, it both provides benefits to them and helps the development of the country's economy. Because these documents are in the class of official documents with international validity. In addition, registrations provide the dissemination of technical and social information revealed by entrepreneurs. It should not be forgotten that entrepreneurs are of great importance for the development of the country and the economy of the country, so the necessity of the concept of patent is an inevitable fact for them. If you want to register your patent without wasting time, contact us.

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