Patent Research

Patent Research

In this article, we will explain to you why Patent Research is important. In recent years, the concept of innovation and patent has been added to the concept of innovation. The best definition of innovation is, in my opinion, "the discovery of commercial success." Therefore, innovation is a concept that also includes patents; Because every R&D work or every invention patented does not mean commercial success.

Patent Search 1 Of course, commercial success depends on many parameters, each of which requires expertise. In short, some of these parameters are updated to be aware of the activities of the national and international arena, industry and competitors. This can be done by going to fairs, following industry publications and other similar methods. But most of us do not know or care about the most important method. We can name the method that many of us do not know or care about as patent research.

Why is patent research important? To invest in an invention, you must make sure it is new, or to not invest in someone else's idea, you must make sure it is new. However, if your idea has not been produced or used by anyone in your industry, you certainly cannot conclude that the idea is new. As a matter of fact, the subject in your mind may have been explained in any patent text that has not been translated into a product so far. After all, there are more than 50 million active patents in the world, and research shows that 80% of the current technical literature is in patent databases, while unofficial literature is in all patent databases. Therefore, when investing in an R&D project, it is absolutely necessary to examine in detail this most comprehensive pool of knowledge in the world and clearly identify the state of the art.

A sound patent search can only be done with the cooperation of a patent expert and a technical expert who is an expert on the subject. Without using patents, you can search for free information such as and review your competitors' patents. However, if a critical "go ahead" decision is made, I would highly recommend contacting a patent and engineering based patent and user.

What does patent research provide? First of all, you can decide whether your invention is really new. In this way, you anticipate the risks of violating a patent you never expected and becoming a criminal, or not being able to obtain a patent for your invention that you have invested heavily in, and make your plans accordingly. Since patent databases are not used by most companies, you can be one step ahead of your competitors with this knowledge.

Patent Search

On the other hand, you can come up with new ideas that you never thought of and improve your work accordingly. In addition, if you protect your discoveries in advance, identify similar practices and act on time, you can take measures against potential legal attacks or have them canceled by appeal.

As a result, the benefits of conducting a patent search before the application or before any research work should be considered. I should point out that inventors and big companies should deal with this issue carefully and the resulting costs and efforts can be prevented from being wasted.

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