What is Brand Tracking?

Brand monitoring is a process that must be done in order to protect the originality of your brand and to prevent the perceptions in the sector from changing badly against your brand.

Brand; It is a sign that has a unique design and enables the goods of an enterprise to be distinguished from others. Having a brand is very important for the status and awareness of the business. In order to have a trademark, it is necessary to register your trademark with the trademark registration process. Trademark registration ensures that this structure is protected and cannot be used by others. Almost all of the businesses operating in Turkey have brands that enable them to be recognized by customers. If your trademark is not registered, it does not belong to you. A registered trademark is protected for 10 years. During this period, from people who do any work or imitation that will harm your brand; rights such as the right to compensation, the prevention and elimination of damage, and the initiation of a criminal investigation.

As well as registering your brand, it is necessary to protect your brand in the following processes.

How Does Brand Tracking Provide Protection?

Trademark monitoring is the process carried out in order to protect a trademark protected by registration against counterfeit and similar trademark registrations by good or bad intentions over time.

In the event that the trademark monitoring process is not performed, a trademark similar to your registered trademark can be protected by an application made to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. This will cause a bad perception for your brand and cause a perception confusion in your existing potential customers, leading to a decrease in brand value.

After the trademark is registered, other companies may apply for similar trademarks.

While evaluating brands, Turkish Patent and Trademark Office brand experts can decide from their own perspectives that the brand is not similar. The trademarks authorized by the trademark experts of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office are published in the trademark bulletin. If there is no objection to these trademarks published in the bulletin, the trademark will be registered.

The objection period is within 2 months after the advertisement is published and published in the brand bulletin. If an objection is made to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office in terms of similarity, the similarity examination is started by the Re-examination and Evaluation Board to the trademark applied for registration. If similarity is found, the trademark application is rejected.

It is not possible due to the difficulties in following up on the individual evaluation of each trademark applied for by the registered trademark owner. In the monthly advertisement system and bulletin, approximately 7000-8000 advertisements are published monthly. If there is no similarity objection for the brands announced in the monthly official brands bulletin, the trademark registration will take place. This means that the real rights holders suffer. Rights holders who receive brand monitoring service will ensure the protection of their rights by objecting to similar brands detected in a timely manner.

There are 2 ways to prevent the registration of a brand similar to your brand;

1. To object to the trademark application whose similarity is noticed, within 2 months from the date of its announcement in the trademarks bulletin published by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.

2. After the registration of a similar trademark, to ensure the cancellation of the registration of this trademark through litigation.

Annulment proceedings made through litigation take a long time and bring about material and moral wear. Intervention at the right time will protect you from these troubles. Brand monitoring will enable you to intervene at the right time.

How Does Uraz Patent Trademark Monitoring Process?

It is necessary to use various programs to carry out the brand monitoring process and to carry out computer-aided researches to achieve the most accurate result. As Uraz Patent, we follow other brands and trademark applications through our own programs.

We prepare reports 2 times a month in line with the requested information. Prepared reports help you to take necessary actions to protect your brand from similarities.

Brand tracking is a necessary process not only to protect you from similarities, but also to follow a competitor brand. In the reports prepared, you can have information about your own brand by following the actions of the brand owners you are in in similar sectors.

Brand monitoring can be done domestically and internationally. The breadth of research and the accuracy of the information provided have a significant impact on the decisions you will make for your brand and ensure that the steps you take are one step ahead with the effect of knowledge and experience.

Uraz Patent, with its experience and knowledge, in brand monitoring; provides accurate, reliable information and ensures the protection of your brand by being in constant communication with you.

Uraz Patent is always ready to support you in protecting your intellectual capital and values ​​that give you a competitive advantage.

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