What is Competitor Brand Tracking and Competitor Tracking?

Competitor brand monitoring is a service provided alongside brand monitoring. Following your competitors in every field will not only add to your foresight, but will also enable you to take your steps more carefully. This is why it is important to monitor your brand and follow competitors' brands. Trading is a racing environment and you have to stay ahead of this race.

What is Competitor Brand Tracking?

The brand is the naming process for the products owned by the business, which distinguishes it from the others and makes your product distinctive. Thanks to the brand names, the products can come to life separately in the mind. In order to own a trademark, it is necessary to register a trademark. A registered trademark is a product that has started to exist, is protected by law and has rights over it.

Trademark monitoring is a necessary process for the protection of your registered trademark. By following your brand, protecting it from similarities will prevent bad situations you may encounter in the future, while preventing imitation. While tracking the brand; The monthly brand bulletin is checked, similar brands are marked and reported thanks to the software and programs used. Objecting to similar brands within the first two months after they are published in the brand bulletin allows you to prevent damages before they occur. Trademarks that are not objected to within two months are accepted and registered. The only objection you can make against a registered trademark will be through litigation. This situation will cause material and spiritual wear on you. Brand monitoring is therefore an important process.

Competitor brand monitoring means following your competitors in the sector where your brand is located. It presents you as a report the actions of your competitors, the trademarks they have applied for, etc. In competitor brand monitoring, reports are prepared 2 times a month in line with requests. In line with the reports, you can follow the investments of your competitors, which areas they are heading and their steps. Accordingly, instead of falling behind in the sector, your steps are taken forward with foresight and attention. Competitor brand tracking will keep you from falling behind the competition.

The Importance of Competition and Competitor Tracking

Rivalry; It is the phenomenon that revitalizes the sector, employees, business owners, businesses and determines whether they can continue on their way or not. Firms that do not feel the competition on their necks feel inertia and

lagging competitors are passed.

The sector you are in, the market does not only consist of end buyers and dealers. There are also your rivals who are in a constant race with you and put you in a difficult situation. You have to constantly struggle with your competitors, who offer different prices, offer better services and goods, make innovations, imitate your new products and services in a short time, make advertising campaigns, and strive. Your market presence will be determined by how you respond to your competitors and how quickly you respond. In order to offer something different from your competitors, you need to follow them constantly and follow the competing brands. Competitor brand monitoring is a process that helps you to protect your place and brand in the sector.

Businesses grow, shrink or stand still as a result of the decisions they make. Decisions taken by a business; In order to make foresighted, healthy and prominent decisions, it will be possible by following the competitors closely as well as following the market.

Sales methods and price policies followed by your competitors can reduce your sales and affect your brand. Campaigns made by your competitors, advertisements, successful use of alternative and new promotional tools, new products offered to the market, institutionalization, improvement in efficiency and quality are the factors that can affect you. Thanks to competitor brand tracking and subsequent competitor tracking, it will prevent you from falling behind in the competition.

It should be an important part of your job to monitor and take action on anything that will negatively affect your brand and decrease your sales. Having detailed information about your competitors will take an example of what they do well, provide you with awareness of what they do badly, and will help you in terms of what you can do differently.

As Uraz Patent, we are ready to support you in protecting your intellectual capital and values ​​that give you a competitive advantage.

Uraz Patent; It provides you with information both nationally and internationally through processes such as brand tracking, competitor tracking, patent tracking, tracking your competitors' trademark applications and patent applications, tracking and identifying similarities in patents and brands, tracking companies in the sector. As a result of these processes, your brand and rights are protected.

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