What is Design Registration? Why is it Necessary?

“What is design registration?” and “Why is it necessary for my product?” These questions are one of the questions that every new entrepreneur wonders. This article contains the answers to these questions as well as the tricks you need to know about the subject. What does the word design mean? Have I made the right design for my product? What do I need to do to protect my design?

Human beings have often been a living creature that makes decisions based on what their 5 sense organs perceive. He wanted what was pleasing to the eye or liked the tune that his ears heard beautifully. With the development of technology; Today, as in the past, scientists and entrepreneurs desire to produce innovative products. When curiosity and desire for research are combined, products have been produced in many different fields for the benefit of humanity and they continue to be put forward. Keeping the resulting innovative product on the market and people's willingness to buy it out of curiosity is directly related to the visual appeal of the product to be produced. This is where the concept of "Design" comes into play.


Design expresses a process. In this process, entrepreneurs have to prepare their products in a way that best serves the objective environment to the subjective needs of people. Because there can be many materials on the same subject and putting the personal difference in the design will increase the reason for choosing your product. Design is the outer appearance that will be obtained by enriching a product with elements such as shape, line and color in a way that appeals to human senses. In short, “Design is the Aesthetic Appearance Feature of the Product!”

How should the design be? What should I pay attention to while doing it?

Are you new to the field of entrepreneurship? You have a new idea in your mind and you think how can I show this idea aesthetically? Then don't worry, your answers are here. The product you will present to humanity may be a product in the field of technology that you can earn money, or it may be a product that does not have financial expectations such as social responsibility projects. The important thing here is the emphasis you will make on your product. So it is design. So how should this design be? Let's list the items;

Although it is simple, it should also be functional,

-It should be fun to people,

- It should have aesthetic features, protect its fashion,

-It should be practical.

Let's come to the points you need to pay special attention to while designing. These;

-The customer's requests and expectations from the product should be analyzed well and accurately,

-What age group or gender the product appeals to; taking into account these factors, choosing the target audience correctly,

While doing all these works, one should be sensitive to the environment and society at the same time.


With the Developing World, many new and up-to-date products have been created. In some cases, although several products serve the same situation, the customer will turn to the most suitable design and prefer it. Products serving the same situation will create a competitive environment in the market. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to be different and always preferred; then you should make a product with an original, innovative and aesthetic design for yourself. As a result, you will see that you will gain a very important advantage in the competitive environment. If you want to protect your company and your product from the negative effects of competition and gain an advantage over other products that provide similar services in competition, you should design products with an innovative structure and protect this product with design registrations.

Design Right

The right to design is the right of the person who made the design or their legal successors. The designer is authorized or authorized to use it. Third parties cannot produce, sell or earn the protected product for the same purpose.

Priority Right

Legally, it means the right of priority. Let's say you found a new product and you have an innovative design. You can apply in another country within 6 months following the design application you have made in any country and you can claim your priority right based on your first application.

How Is It Possible to Protect the Design?

You are an entrepreneur and you want to make a difference with the product you create. If you want your design to be suitable for registration; Your design must not have been offered for sale or displayed anywhere before the application deadline. At the same time, if you do not want third parties to use your product without your consent; This is only possible with the design registration owner protection.

The Importance of Innovation and Distinction in Design

Wondering if your design is new? How much do you know about the distinctive features of your designs? Designs that are not presented to the public before the priority date or the design application date are considered new. If your design is new and original, it means you have a competitive advantage in the market. The more important the concept of innovation is, the more important it is to have the distinctive features of your design and distinguish it from others. Because “Diversity is Remarkable!”

Designs Not Accepted for Registration

What are unacceptable designs? If the design you have made is against the general moral rules, is not accepted as new and does not have obvious (distinctive) features, it may not be accepted.

What is the Design Registration Process?

It would be correct to describe the steps of the design registration process and the processes performed in these steps as follows.

The first step is the application. In this step, it is checked whether the application made meets all the necessary conditions.

-The way to be followed in the second step is shape analysis. In this step, the documents are evaluated within the framework of the terms of the Decree Law. At this stage, features such as distinctive and new design are not sought.

-The third step is the registration and publication steps. Registration of your design application in the registry and publication in official bulletins is done in this step.

The fourth step is the appeal process. Third parties can object to the official bulletin published in this step.

-The final step is certification. In this step, if there is no objection to your application, a registration certificate will be issued to you.

For more detailed information about design registration, you can contact Uraz Patent.

Where can I apply?

In our country, applications are made to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. The requirements for these operations are listed below.

-Information about who or who made the design

- Identity information of the applicant

-A visual explanation of the design

- If you are a legal person as the applicant, your tax certificate and commercial activity certificate

- Power of attorney, if any.

Do You Know The Rights That Design Registration Provides You?

If you wish, you can transfer the design you have registered for, make it a subject of inheritance and distribute it through license.

How long is the registration period? Does it provide protection all over the world?

Your design is protected for 5 years from the date of application. Depending on your request, you can extend your protection period up to 25 years in 5-year periods. The point you should not forget here is that at the end of 25 years, the design is public property. However, your application is national. For example, you registered in Turkey, but you want to do it in another country. Then you have to apply separately to the desired country or countries.

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