What is Patent and Patent Tracking?

Patent and patent monitoring are important processes to protect the values ​​you have. Inventions made by your business, company or personally are registered with a patent certificate and you have rights on the invention. Thanks to patent tracking, you will be protected against any similar patent you have, and you will be informed about the world and the industry.

What is a Patent?

A patent is a document that shows who has the right to implement, use and disseminate a scientific and technical invention that solves a problem that needs a solution or brings innovation in its field. In other words, it is a document that prevents and prevents the invention from being produced, used, sold or imported by third parties without permission. Almost anything that is considered an invention can be covered by patent protection.

How to Get a Patent?

In order to apply for a patent, it is necessary to first apply to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office and search for a patent. To sort it out step by step;

An application is made to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.

A search report is issued by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office and the search report is published.

A patent examination is made and a report is given by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.

A patent certificate (if found appropriate) is issued by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.

The coverage area of ​​the patent document varies according to the European and national application. An application is made to the European Patent Office (EPO) for protection in Europe. Turkey is among the member states of the European Patent and the patent obtained will be valid in our country as well. The benefit of the European Patent is that if it is desired to provide protection in more than one country, it is valid in all of them thanks to the European Patent, instead of requesting patents from individual countries. The European patent provides economy and speed according to the scope of the requested document.

How Does a Patent Provide Protection?

In our country, three different methods are used to protect your inventions. These transactions are; The patent system without examination is the patent system with examination and the utility model system.

Unexamined patent system; It provides 7 years of protection for the invention requesting protection. At the end of the 7-year period, the applicant may request a review. positively rated

As a result of the examination, a patent certificate with examination, which provides protection for 20 years from the date of application, is obtained.

Examined patent system; An examination report is required for a patent request. The examination report is the evaluation process according to the patentability criteria. These criteria are innovation,

industrial applicability, inventive level are valuations. As a result of certain evaluations, the patent period is longer. The examined patent provides 20 years of protection.

utility model system; The prominent benefit of this system, which does not undergo any inspection process, is its short time and economy. A patent request is made and an objection is made to the applications within 3 months from the date of application.

The applicant may express a dissenting opinion against the appealed application or request a document despite the objection. The utility model provides 10 years of protection.

What is Patent Tracking?

Patent tracking is the process of determining whether there are patent applications similar to your invention in the patent bulletin opened to the public's information and objections by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. In the absence of patent tracking, requests similar to your invention will not be known. Patent claims published in the patent bulletin and not contested at the time of publication can be registered. After the amendment made in the Industrial Property Law No. 6769, the right to object has become possible for the registered patents. If the objections are brought to a negative conclusion by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office, the cancellation of the objectionable patent will only be possible through litigation.

Patent tracking is one of the easiest methods to follow the technological developments in the world and the investments of your competitors. Regular monitoring provides an understanding of the investments and developments in your sector, and provides information about the direction of technology in the world.

How is Patent Tracking Done?

Certain programs must be used for Patent Monitoring. Every year, thousands of patent requests are made in our country and millions of patents worldwide. Uraz Patent follows the bulletins with the programs and research it uses. Researches are reported monthly. Similarities are marked and reported. It will also increase your knowledge by expanding the reports and research provided to stay informed in the industry and around the world. Patent monitoring is a necessary process in order to follow your competitors, follow the industry and understand which direction the technology is advancing. Uraz Patent provides the necessary information on this subject.

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