Frequently Asked Questions

Is a fee paid every year after the trademark is registered?

The protection period of the registered trademark is ten (10) years from the date of registration. No fee is paid for each year. In the tenth year of trademark registration, the trademark must be renewed and a renewal fee is paid. Renewal can be made in every ten-year period by paying the renewal fee.

What is Brand Tracking?

Trademark monitoring is the reporting of the trademarks in the bulletins published by the Turkish Patent Institute. For detailed information, you can access Brand Tracking procedures on our website or get information from our consultants.

What is a brand?

Any sign that distinguishes the goods or services of one enterprise from the goods or services of another enterprise is called a trademark.

What is trademark registration?

It is the process of establishing the trademark rights on the applicant for 10 (ten) years.

Is the use of the brand mandatory?

Yup. If the trademark is not used within five years from the date of registration without a justified reason or if this use is interrupted continuously for a period of five years, the trademark is canceled by court decision (Executive Decree No. 556 Art. 14).

How to register a foreign trademark?

There is no collective registration system for all countries of the world. Therefore, a partial collective application can be made within the scope of national or international agreements. Overseas registration can be done in several ways. a) Application on a national basis b) International collective application (Madrid Protocol) c) International collective application (for European Union countries - CTM) d) OAPI (African Union countries)

How long is the overseas brand protection period?

The protection period of trademarks abroad is 10 years from the date of application. Its protection can be extended indefinitely, provided that it is renewed.

Are there government supports for international trademark registration procedures?

There is support from the Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade and KOSGEB regarding the issue. It is possible to benefit from these supports within the scope of trademark registration and brand creation.

What are the application fees on a national basis?

On a national basis, application fees vary according to the country to be registered. You can consult our consultants on the subject.

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