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Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration

Brand ; Any sign that distinguishes the goods or services of one enterprise from the goods or services of another enterprise is called a trademark. The process of establishing trademark rights on the applicant for 10 (ten) years is also called trademark registration. A trademark is a sign that can distinguish the goods or services of one enterprise from the goods or services of other enterprises. Trademarks are protected by intellectual property rights.

How can I protect my trademark?

Trademark protection can be obtained through registration at the national/international level, by applying for registration to the national/international trademark office and paying the required fees.

What rights does a trademark registration provide?

In principle, a trademark registration will give an exclusive right to use the registered trademark. This means that the trademark may be used exclusively by the owner or licensed to another party for use for a fee. Registration provides legal certainty and strengthens the beneficiary's position, for example, in the event of a lawsuit.

How long does trademark protection last?

Trademark registration period is net ten years. It can be renewed indefinitely if an additional fee is paid. Trademark rights are private rights and protection is provided by court decisions.

What types of trademarks can be registered?

A word or combination of words, letters and numbers can perfectly create a trademark. But trademarks can also consist of drawings, symbols, three-dimensional features such as the shape and packaging of goods, invisible markings such as sounds or smells, or color tones used as distinguishing features - the possibilities are almost endless.

Benefits of Having a Registered Trademark

If you don't register your trademark, someone else can. This instantly puts your business at risk. Securing a registered trademark protects your brand and prevents someone from using similar marks. With the registration of your trademark, you have the right to file a lawsuit against parties that attempt to register the disputed trademarks or operate with the disputed trademarks and harm your business.

As your product or service becomes successful, the trademark itself begins to develop an intrinsic value. Commercial investors will evaluate whether you have received the appropriate legal trademark protection to secure your brand.

There are two important points. First, your business is appropriately protected in the countries in which it operates or plans to operate, and second, it is protected across all classes of services or products your business provides.

Trademark Registration

Trademark registration certificate services:

National and International Trademark Registration Application

National and International Brand Research

Following the Trademark Registration Process

Brand monitoring and Renewal Processes

Post-Registration License and Transfer Transactions, Change of Address, Title and Kind

Well-known Trademark Application

Initiating and Following the Legal Process Against Counterfeit Trademarks and Similar Trademarks

Detection of Similar Applications by Examining the Brand Bulletins

Notification of Similar Applications Detected by Monitoring

Competitor Application Tracking

National and International Brand Monitoring

Objection Procedures of Applications Made to TURKISH PATENT AND BRAND INSTITUTION

Objection and Counter Opinion Procedures to TURKISH PATENT AND BRAND INSTITUTION

Following the Appeal Procedures of Domestic and Foreign Clients

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Trademark Registration
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