Personal Data Protection Law Personal Data Protection Law

Clarification Text of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data
All kinds of personal data belonging to me within the body of Uraz Patent (the "Company") are subject to the regulations stipulated in the Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 and other legislation, and that the Company has given me full and clear information regarding my rights under the relevant law and other legislation. I accept and declare that you did. Within the scope of the relevant information, the Company undertakes to fully and completely fulfill its obligations regarding data security within the scope of the legislation, and accordingly, I reserve my right to demand the compensation of the damage in case I suffer any loss due to the illegal processing and seizure of my personal data.
Personal data belonging to me are collected by the Company through card program methods. The said personal data is processed by the company for the purpose of benefiting from the campaigns, stored in the company database for 5 years and shared with suppliers, official authorities and our business partners.
This consent letter includes my express consent for the processing, storage and transfer of my personal data to the country or abroad.
In accordance with the Personal Data Protection and Processing Policies published by the Company on the website and within the scope of the Clarification Text above, my personal data, customer information and special quality personal data, both existing and new services, tastes, usage habits and needs. Sales and marketing activities such as customizing and recommending to me, planning and performing special sales and marketing activities, conducting and executing customer relations, following up on requests and/or complaints, conducting market research, planning and arranging activities to ensure and/or increase loyalty to products and services. I consent to its processing and storage until otherwise specified by me.
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